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Supplemental material to support your learning and DEI journey.

Life After Canvas

Welcome to the Resource Library for the Lenoir-Rhyne Equity and Diversity Institute (LREDI). Canvas is the primary portal for accessing zoom links and other important information pertaining to your course. That access, however, is limited to 3 days.

We understand that you may need to refer back to your materials long after Canvas. As an LREDI student, you have tuitioned covered, life-time access to course materials.


Access Codes

Access codes are only needed for the initial registration and can be found in the course Canvas page or from the instructor. Once you are signed up, you simply login to access your materials.

Library Content

Presentation slides, documents, videos, links and more.


You are not limited to the course materials provided to you during your LREDI enrollment. You will have access to updates and newly added content.

Access your course materials.